Work package 1: Climate Change & Socio-Economics

The first work package contributes to the project by analyzing the future water budget in Case Study Areas (CSA).

Main Objectives

  1. Identification of main driving forces, pressures and impacts on water resources in BRAMAR case study areas (CSA)
  2. Definition of climate change scenario and impact assessment based on mathematical Modeling
  3. Scenarios for socio-economic development and impact on water sector demand and water pricing
  4. Socio-economic performance of IWRM response strategies as combined measures

Specific Objectives

  • Downscaling of a selected scenario of climate change, consisting of a projection for climate and hydrological change in the region within a frame of conditions set by global developments (emission scenarios), relevant for water supply and demand;
  • Set-up of the non-hydrostatic regional climate model CCLM and model validation for the target area and to the specific conditions of the semiarid research region;
  • Study the economic impact of changes in water availability and land use due to climate Change
  • Study uncertainty related to climate change projection;
  • Analysis of water users and water value to users by sector within scenarios of socioeconomic change;
  • Identification of relevant decision criteria to assess socio-economic performance of measures and strategies in close cooperation with local stakeholders and decision makers and their quantification;
  • Forecast of sector water demands based on scenarios for socio-economic development.

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