Work package 10: Project Management

The major tasks of work package 10 include the overall management of the project, consortium and work meetings and the coordination of the reporting process.

Main Objectives:

  1. Overall management of the project, consortium and working meetings
  2. Coordinate reporting process

Specific Objectives:

  • Overall management of the project execution;
  • Monitoring and steering of the project to produce the planned results with the required quality and on schedule;
  • Facilitate communication among the project partners, BMBF and MCT authorities and ensure transparent communication and information flow between partners;
  • Review and evaluate milestones and control quality of planned results and deliverables before publication;
  • Supervision of the dissemination work and protection of knowledge;
  • Implementation of local project office to improve bilateral cooperation, German industrial integration and case study development;
  • Develop and implement strategies for technology transfer and later implementation as well as comercialization of BRAMAR results and products.

Responsible partner:

Supporting partner: