Work package 5: Reclamation Technologies

Within this work package appropriate treatment technologies for (waste) water reuse will be identified.


  1. Evaluation of municipal wastewater potential with regards to water availability at the BRAMAR case study areas (CSA)
  2. Identification of preferential treatment technologies for wastewater and water reuse in municipalities
  3. Enhancements of membrane based reclamation technologies:
    1. Enhancements of a decentralized MBR system with backwashable plate membranes
    2. Design of UF plant for treatment of secondary effluents with high fouling potential
    3. Operational enhancements of the MBR and UF pilot plants
  4. Studies on low cost and low energy consuming wastewater treatment technologies at Sumé and Mossoró
  5. Socio-economic and environmental assessment of WWT technologies, recommendations and guidelines for implementation and regional transfer

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