Work package 6: Case Studies

Within this work package appropriate treatment technologies for (waste) water reuse will be identified.


  1. Identification of the current status of industrial WW treatment and water reuse in Paraiba (PB) and Mossoró Region (RN) and deduction of treatment requirements prior to reuse
  2. Concept development with partner industries
  3. Evaluation of technological concept for selected industries on case study level
  4. Socioeconomic and ecological performance, recommendations and guidelines for regional transfer

For the implementation of the tasks foreseen in this work package, information will be collected from existing studies, strategies and inventories for the target region (Paraiba, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte) on different parameters, specifically with regards to industrial water consumption, water recycling and reuse and economic data (water tariffs, water consumption, impact of industrial supply, key sectors). Information on the guidelines and standards for design and operation of WWT and water reuse/recycling together with monitoring data (effluent qualities) and treatment requirements (current and future standards) will be taken under consideration.

Case study Responsible partner
CS1 – Sumé UFCG:
CS2 – João Pessoa UFPB:
CS3 – Mossoró UFERSA:
CS4 – Recife UFPE:
CS5 – Campina Grande UFCG: