Work package 7: Decision Support

The objective of this work package is to prepare an evaluation as well as a ranking of IWRM strategies.

Main Objectives

  1. Conceptual development of the BRAMAR Decision Support System (BRAMAR DSS)
  2. Data base development and GIS platforms
  3. Further development and application of the DS tools
  4. Development of the BRAMAR-DSS

Specific Objectives

  • Implementation of a GIS platform for the BRAMAR CSA and the State of Paraíba;
  • Further development of an interactive spatial multi-criteria analysis method to support the selection of adequate areas for managed aquifer recharge;
  • Development of different Decision Support (DS) tools based on Multi-Criteria-Analysis (MCA) to support the identification of adequate waste water reclamation and reuse schemes, WWT technologies and IWRM strategy ranking;
  • DSS framework for future IWRM implementation in semi-arid regions of NE of Brazil.

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