Work package 9: Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination

Work package 9 aims at disseminating the gathered knowledge via the website (, an information platform and special training.

Main Objectives

  1. Stakeholder identification and dissemination of project outcome;
  2. Development of a project website and web-based information platform;
  3. Training of local partners, local experts, decision makers and end-user as well as capacity building measures.

Specific Objectives

  • Identification of all relevant stakeholders and survey about their role and perception with regards to BRAMAR objectives;
  • Creation and distribution of project brochures, posters and regular news-letters;
  • Disseminate BRAMAR on national and international level and publish results, findings and deliverables of the project on international, national events and in journals;
  • Assist interested parties in technology transfer and the implementation of project findings;
  • Disseminate BRAMAR work and findings to Brazilian water and environmental authorities and water companies, especially on Federal level as well as State level in Northeast of Brazil and Central Brazil ( cooperation with IWAS);
  • Strengthen the participative decision making process as implemented under WP8 by stakeholder and Basin Committees workshops.

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